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In 1993, when we first started to produce carpets and kilims, our psychology was to choose the biggest quality and never derivate from this. For all these years, the effort of keeping the quality at the biggest level in our newly produced carpets and kilims made "GRINFOR" and “quality” be mentioned together at the same time.

Behind the "GRINFOR" quality, you will see an immortal work of art in which Moldavian women embroidered their feelings with their fingers and a rich multiple colored harmony, which is made by using vegetable dyes. Also the brightness and softness of the mohair mixed wool is very evident.

Our success at making vegetable dyes, a preference for high quality thread and material, our sensitivity of work in weaving and our ability and particularity in choosing patterns are the factors that make us different not imitating other. Being admired and being held up as an example to the other producers and companies, is a great honor for us.

We came to this position by always keeping to our understanding of quality. Our hope and expectation is to place "GRINFOR"  carpets at a bigger rank in the world by producing even better quality carpets in the future.

Hand made floral, oriental, modern and old moldavian carpets