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          "GRINFORcarpet factory  

  "GRINFOR"  carpet factory produces pure wool and silk pileless handmade carpets (kilims).

The factory has a possibility to produce 400 square meters of high quality handmade carpets monthly. 

 The handmade carpet characteristics:

1.      The density is 40-50 strings per 10 cm of width; the strings are plaited in manually with a comb. The looms are vertical special for handmade carpets. 

2.      We have more than 200 designs with various ornaments, the products are exclusive not more than 4-5 copies of the same design. 

3.      The sizes in meters: 1,21,8; 1,31,9; 1,42,0; 1,72,4; 1,82,7; 1,92,8; 2,03,0; 2,13,0; 2,13,1; 2,53,3; 3,04,3; and so on. Any other size is possible.

4.      The dyes: natural and vegetal ecologically clean non-hazardous; rich multiple colored harmony (more than 100 colors); color effects (tea wash) are applied.

5.      The thread: pure wool, the base is wool or cotton. All technological processes are executed manually.  

Your hand made carpet from "GRINFOR" is what makes your interior special!