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GRINFOR carpet factory offers it's customers:

  1. Hand-made carpets the price depends upon the complexness of design and varies from 50 to 120 $ for m2.
  2. Old and semi-antique Moldavian (bessarabian) handmade carpets from 70 to 120 years old. The price is from 30 to 120 $ for 1 m2.

The sale condition is FCA Chishinev, Moldova.

Worldwide delivery is now available! 

For more information grinfor@grincarpet.com

Our contact information

"GRINFOR" carpet factory                  E-Mail: sales@grincarpet.com

telephone: 00-373-22-296380                    faximile: 00-373-22-296252

GSM: 00-373-6911-8957                               

Adress:  Stefan cel Mare si Sfint str. 182, Chishinev Moldova 

Contact person:  Petr Grozdev